149CP14圆极化八木天线:148-150 MHZ
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工作频率:148-150 MHZ;


         The 149CP14 is a light, medium performance circularly polarized antenna designed to work across the two meter amateur band. Optimum match and gain are between 148 & 150MHz for the satellite band. Computer design techniques help keep spurious side lobes low down for optimum signal to noise ratios. This antenna features the same CNC machined, O-ring and silicone-gel sealed, driven element assemblies common to all MYagi antennas. This insures years of trouble free performance regardless of weather.

            Optional items include a heavy duty fiberglass 2” O.D. x 1/4” wall boom with a 1-1/2” solid alum center section to fit through the Yaesu 5400 and 5600 series az-el rotator (model HDFG boom kit), 2M2PORT power divider and vhf-50-149CP14-2 phasing lines. We also can provide ‘H’ frames and larger rotators, OR-2800DC(az) and MT-1000 (el). A 136R-14C and a 149T-14C model are also available for the ATS satellite users. Higher gain antennas with 22 elements are also available for all VHF satellite frequencies.

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